Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Rimosky Photography TF Expectations


We reckon on getting the model 3 edited digital pictures (usually more) for every hour modelling. Normal way of working is provide the model with a link to the edited pictures

The pictures will be sized at the recommended upload size for websites such as pp, we are happy to provide full resolution pictures if you would like them for print.

One little note, when we are working together to create a statement piece then it is likely that the time involved in each image means that resulting images per hour will be less.

TF Ethos

TFP: Create wonderful images together, sharing ideas and goals to further our Ports (our preferred way of working)

Part TFP, Part Pay: You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours (not literally though)
All models working with us need to be 18 or over (no matter what the style of shoot).

TF Timeframe

We will try and have one or two edited pictures for the model within 24 hours.
If we are on tour it is doubtful we will be able to edit pictures, but they will get priority on our return to base.
Under all circumstance we aim to get the edited pictures to the model within 2 weeks of the shoot (but usually much quicker)